Launderland of Roseville

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Welcome to

Launderland of Roseville

 Launderland is a well established clean and safe facility located in a busy shopping center on Douglas Blvd. in Roseville.  As you approach our front doors with your arms full of laundry, our doors will automatically open to allow you access to our Laundromat.  No more struggling with your laundry to open the door.  We also have a back door that is open during attended hours, where you can park and come in to do your laundry if you wish.

The Laundromat automatically opens at 4:30 am and closes at 10:00pm.  Once inside you can stay until you are finished with your laundry.  There is a button on the left of the doors that you will push to open the doors once your laundry is done.  Be sure and take everything out with you as the doors will lock behind you.

Our attended office is open from 8am to 6pm, closed for lunch noon to 2:30pm.  Attendant is on the premises every day except Wednesdays, Thursdays and actual Holidays.  With our Fluff & Fold  service our attendant will be glad to wash, dry, fold or hang your items for you to be picked up later.  The office also sells snacks, sodas, coffee, etc.  Whether you have questions as to which machine is the best for the laundry you are washing, or just how to operate the equipment, we are always ready to help you with any questions you may have.

There are 17 top load washers for those smaller loads, 14 large front load washers varying from 25 lb to 60 lb in size to handle any of your larger items or a lot of clothing at one time. We also have 25 large 30lb dryers. There is a bill to bill changer to take your $20’s and $10’s and give you $5’s.   Also 2 coin changers that take $5's and $1's and give you quarters.  All the equipment uses quarters.   A vending soap machine is here for your convenience.  Carts and 6 large tables help make it easier with the folding.  For your viewing pleasure we have 2 TVs.

We are conveniently located in the shopping center on the corner of Douglas and Sunrise, across Sunrise Blvd from Carrow’s, behind Carl’s Jr, and between Subway and Office Depot. There are many restaurants to please your palate in the shopping center; Carl's JR, Del Taco, Subway, Parker's Hot Dogs, Thai Basil, or Teriyaki Domo.  You could also go shopping at Office Depot, Goodwill store, or $.99 Store.


“Feel free to browse info on removing stains"

1605 D Douglas Blvd., Roseville, CA 95661


4:30AM to 10PM 365 days a year


8am to 6pm closed for lunch noon to 2:30PM, closed Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Holidays

PHONE:  916-786-3178